noelia jazmín diaz • aka lia, noly, ely • august 10, 1995/23/leo • “after everything you've done, i can thank you for how strong i have become.” • jacksonville, fl native • cam girl, private dancer, receptionist • usc • -1000 chill, heart of gold with professional side eye, free spirit, knowledge freak, lover, fighter, troublemaker, adventurer, impulsive, adrenaline junkie.
✰ the product of two passionate, driven parents, noelia has always been described as a "strong personality" even tracing back to elementary school. while she inherited her ambition and passion from her parents, she also inherited a fierce temper and compassion from her grandmother on her mother's side.

✰ there was a noticeable change in her personality from the age of ten that only spiraled down further. at the age of 15, she was arrested on the charges of reckless driving, reckless endangerment of a minor, driving without a license, and resisting arrest. because she was a minor at the time of her arrest and nobody was injured, the court mandated a merciful agreement: she would serve a year in jacksonville's duval regional juvenile detention center and her record would be expunged upon her release. after spending just thirty days there, she attempted suicide by slashing her wrists and was released to river point behavioral health where she served the remainder of her sentence. there, she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and comorbid bipolar disorder and by a stroke of luck, her record was expunged anyway after completing community service.

✰ upon her release, she lived with her aunt and uncle for the next two years of her life which was a consistent pattern of ups and downs. for every accomplishment, she found some reason to sabotage herself and would often act on impulses. she got into physical altercations frequently at school and abused any substance she could get her hands on. remarkably, she graduated high school with good enough grades to attend college which was paid for by her parents as a means of absolving themselves of any responsibility for her, however, after only a semester she stopped attending and spent the remainder of her time in california couch surfing and doing small favors for people in return for room and board.

✰ california was a place of experimenting and experience for her. she ended up in an on and off relationship with someone she met through mutual friends in the party circuit. after a year of communicating via skype, she agreed to move to new orleans to be with him, looking at it as a place to start over or the start of her life. fate would have it otherwise, however.

✰ though things with her new "boyfriend" were great initially, they quickly entered a downward spiral that noelia couldn't hope to steer out of. they fought constantly and he became verbally as well as emotionally abusive toward her, often pinning the blame for arguments and things that went wrong in his life on her, alienating her from his friends and becoming irrationally jealous when she made friends of her own. she progressively became withdrawn and spent a majority of her time between work and helping him fix his issues.

✰ in january of 2016, she made the decision to move back to miami with her aunt and uncle, who encouraged her to finish school. she eventually began attending the university of south carolina for the fall semester of 2016.

✰ though still largely withdrawn from the impact of her last relationship, noelia is a very typical extrovert; she can meet someone and immediately decide she enjoys their company and quickly, it's like they're her best friend - she's very eager to get to know people, to listen to problems, and above all else, to invite people out to have fun.

✰ though she's willing to listen to problems other people have, for someone to hear hers they would have to have the jaws the life and/or the patience of a trappist monk. she is extremely inept at discussing her own issues, especially when they're serious issues - especially when they're serious and current issues.

✰ had the farsi word for king, پادشاه and a crown tattooed along the right side of her rib cage for her ex-boyfriend. a year after their breakup, it was modified to read, خیر پادشاه "no king."
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loves ›› honesty, youtube countdowns & creepypastas, the paranormal, cooking, lip sync battles, karaoke, tattooed men, philosophy, learning new things, sneakers & heels, classic hip hop, hip hop in general, discovering new artists, horror movies, creative insults, ancestry, opinionated people, bravery, adventures, traveling, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, novellas, excitement, impulsive people, rum (especially in spiced cherry, her favorite alcoholic drink), sleeping in, being near the beach, staying up late, energy drinks, soccer, hot dogs & corn dogs & most things that can be eaten on a stick, spicy foods, dancing, camping, road trips, marine life (dolphins, sharks, whales & more), being spoiled, grapefruit, thunderstorms, dancing.

loathes ›› people who don't respect boundaries, inequality, people who talk about something without understanding it, liars, insensitivity, anyone who claims to be original, getting emotional, politics, republicans, anyone with upper middle class beliefs, dr. pepper, hypocrites, baseball, ignorance, people who don't stand up for their beliefs, indifference, being one-worded, enablers, winter & cold, being rasked what she is, spiders, disappointing people, monotony, surprises, being left alone, cops, many more.
nicolas diaz ›› fatherb. march 30, 1963 - economics professor, estranged. isobella diaz ›› motherb. january 11, 1965 - (nee campos), salon owner, estranged. javier "javy" diaz ›› brotherb. april 7, 1990 - estranged. in spite of javy's attempts to get back into contact with his sister, noelia has dodged every attempt. christian diaz ›› brother b. november 11, 1993 - estranged. marco diaz ›› brotherb. december 12, 2003 - favorite, estranged. dogs, tbd 3.